How to Maximize Your Online Recruitment Strategies

How to Maximize Your Online Recruitment Strategies

Given the rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements in recent years, many businesses have shifted to online recruitment methods when searching for prospective hires. Case in point, 88% of employers utilize Handshake—a career network platform—to connect with more diverse candidates and smoothen their overall recruitment process. As it stands, over 550,000 organizations find the online platform critical to secure wonderful talent, and this includes notable companies such as Google and GE. On the other hand, to source and recruit potential hires, a 2022 The Manifest survey shows how 60% of small businesses are leveraging social media, while 30% are using HR software platforms.

With how significant online recruitment has become across various businesses, it’s crucial to understand how you can make the most of your own strategies. Below, this article has listed three ways how you can do just that.

Utilize social networks

Utilizing social networks serves a twofold purpose in maximizing your online recruitment strategy. For one, as shared by a 2022 Bloomberg article on social media, employees would rather work for business leaders who are active on said platforms. This is because companies who are vocal online on sites like Twitter are viewed as more accessible and transparent—two values that are important for recruitment. To start, you can create either an Instagram or Twitter account wherein you can post about the company’s benefits and wellness programs, or feature positive employee testimonials.

Apart from this, numerous companies believe that social media is a vital way to vet potential candidates. In fact, Business News Daily reveals that 70% of employers stated that they should screen candidates’ social media profiles during the hiring process. It’s evident that these profiles can significantly influence recruiting decisions, and as such, you should utilize the right social networks to find the individuals that fit the role you’re hiring. For instance, since most employers recognize LinkedIn as a secondary resume, you can post job listings on the site. You can also make use of Handshake, where you can connect with eight million students and young alumni from 1,200 well-known educational institutions. Ultimately, taking advantage of social networks can open greater recruitment opportunities for the company.

Tailor online ads for recruitment

According to a 2022 Recruiters feature on Google ads, the paid search platform reaches 80% of Internet users in the US, and interestingly, leveraging Google ads will mean you can gain access to 80% of the top prospects online. Although this is already a good strategy, tailoring your ads can further improve this tactic since it can grant them a good quality score. Now, a post on ‘5 Tips to Achieve a 10/10 Quality Score on Google AdWords’ by Ayima notes that a quality score is the assigned quality rating of your ad based on how many users click on it and how relevant your ad copy is. With a great quality score, you can ensure that Google can charge you less for each click and focus your budget on crafting effective ads for recruitment.

To tailor your recruitment ads, use keywords that are unique to your business or industry as this can improve your click-through rate. Include your employee value proposition as well—which may hinge on benefits such as performance bonuses or flexible hours—to further attract talent. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your ad copy concise, since an ad that’s saturated with keywords can incur a lower quality score. By following these measures, you can adeptly use Google ads to recruit candidates online.

Partner with a staffing agency

At present, recruiting talent is rooted in a fiercely competitive landscape. To exemplify this, a 2022 Financial Times feature on the advertising industry states how ad companies are finding it difficult to secure tech workers who can run digital campaigns and track results and account managers that can seamlessly communicate with clients. This is because candidates are now provided with more opportunities to work in client marketing departments or rival ad companies.

With that in mind, if you’re struggling to oversee your online recruitment strategies amidst competition, or simply don’t have enough resources to enhance them, then it’s important to enlist external help. Our post ‘How An Agency Can Help You Reach Top Talent’ points out that a staffing agency can be beneficial for smaller-scale companies who have neither the resources nor time to bring in top talent. They can help you develop robust online marketing strategies, especially since agencies such as Kinetix can provide you access to extensive talent networks and systems that can help locate individuals with the specific skills your company requires. A staffing agency can likewise identify passive candidates and educate you on how to incentivize them to accept your offered position. Based on these insights, you may highlight, say, mental health benefits in online recruitment tactics such as your social media marketing or Google ad copy.

Online recruitment has made it easier for companies to get in touch with potential talent. However, it’s essential to keep the above tips in mind to effectively secure individuals that can greatly contribute to your business.

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