Leading an Agile Workforce – How Marketing Leaders Should Handle Client Needs in Constant Change

Leading an Agile Workforce – How Marketing Leaders Should Handle Client Needs in Constant Change

The world is changing. Shocker, I know. But seriously, it is. There is a lot of stress and fear in the air, uncertainty and worry, and some all-over general anxiety. We don’t like this 2020, can we refund before the trial is over?! We’re going through more feelings here than that one-time Ron Burgundy was in that phone booth!

PHEW – now that I got all that out. The world is changing but the reality is that business isn’t stopping, deadlines still need to be met. With the new shifts in the professional world, we need to take a step back and see how we can work best for our clients to better serve them all while doing a kick-a$$ job, Kinetix style!


Put on your best yoga pants and let’s get stretchy! With all the shifting and uprooting of traditional working life, it’s time to get flexible.

Meeting times cut in half? No problem, it’s not about the quantity of the meetings, but the quality of them! Be proactive, stay prepared, and always frame everything up! Weekly e-mail updates with the latest information on any given project are a great way to keep all parties up to date and can be referenced back to when the meetings do occur!

Get Creative

There‚Äôs no time like down time ‚Äì and there‚Äôs a lot of that going around a lot these days. Down time is the best times to get creative! For our Buzz Team that means looking up the best ways to use our video content to recruit for our clients, what job description language is the best, or the best ways to use social media buying for recruiting.  This time to be creative will not only sharpen your saw, but it will also give your client the edge they need and the candidates they want!

Lead with empathy

Just be nice. Sounds super simple, I know. In times like this, there is uncertainty all around us and it‚Äôs hard to know how people will react day by day. You can‚Äôt inspire assurance in your clients if you don‚Äôt understand their concerns.  Being empathetic, actively listening, and leading with kindness can get you further with your clients. By seeing situations through their perspective can help you solve their biggest challenges, like hiring 100 nurses in 100 days.

It’s a crazy world, out there and it’s not slowing down. But that’s okay because we’re ready to help solve some of these new struggles! Check out our solutions for ways we can help you solves some of your business needs!

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