How Leanne Franck Gets Stuff Done

Are you familiar with the Kinetix Factor Cards?

In case you came late to the party, they are the rectangular, flashcard looking things that hang proudly from our team members’ desks and read: Kick-Ass Teammate, Likeable, Gets Stuff Done, Figures Things Out, Passion & Innovation, or Connector.

But what does Gets Stuff Done look like in real life? For one, it’s someone who fights procrastination every day. For Leanne Franck, it means if there’s an issue or problem that needs figuring out, you have to fix it from beginning to end and make sure your entire team is on the same page.

Leanne has been an accountant at Kinetix since July 2017. She started as a temp and, to her delight, was hired as a full-time employee not long after. On an average day, Leanne can be found at her desk, zoned in on her workload for the day – pretty fitting for the employee awarded the Gets Stuff Done factor card, right?!

So, just how does she fight the lure of procrastination exactly?

We sat down with Leanne to learn what motivates her to go above and beyond in her role every day.

We’re dying to know – how do you fight procrastination?

‚ÄúTo fight procrastination, I tell myself ‚Äòthis needs to be done‚Äô, and ‚Äòif you don‚Äôt do it today you‚Äôll have to do it tomorrow‚Äô ‚Äì so I like to get it done as soon as it comes across my desk. I always have the mindset that this is what‚Äôs going on today so let‚Äôs just do it instead of pushing projects off. It‚Äôs important to remember that everyone‚Äôs busy and that everyone has 101 things on their plate, so with that in mind, I try to do everything I can to stay ahead of the game in my role.‚Äù

Since you joined the team in 2017, how has Kinetix helped you grow your skills?

“I feel like I’ve really learned so much being here, I’ve become more analytical and learned how to solve issues both independently and as a teammate. I’ve learned so much that I think I’m set for the rest of my life! I feel like there’s not a problem I can’t fix, or an obstacle I can’t overcome. There’s always a way to figure out new solutions to problems I face and, being here, I’ve learned so many different ways to do that.

Usually, when you start a new job you‚Äôre thrown to the wolves and you have to figure things out on your own. But, since I started here, I‚Äôve always been given the space I need to succeed at my job while also being given guidance from my peers to figure things out. If I have a question, I feel comfortable asking them, which is different because I‚Äôve never worked with people that are so helpful.‚Äù 

Why do you love coming to work at Kinetix every day? 

‚ÄúThe Kinetix culture is truly one of a kind. From the start, what interested me about this position was the job description. It was so fun, and it jumped out at me, then when I came to the office I saw all of these bright colors and everyone was smiling ‚Äì  working together. When I think of Kinetix, I think of energy ‚Äì and I feel energetic when I come to work. We always make time to recognize our team members, which I think is important because everyone likes to be recognized. Our CEO, Shannon Russo, even leads our recognition sessions, which makes us all feel valued.‚Äù

What should people know about the Accounting Team at Kinetix?

“People should know that we’re very open and we enjoy talking with other team members. People think of accounting as busybodies who don’t talk much, but that’s not true – we also like to have fun and joke around!”

If you’re having trouble beating procrastination in your day-to-day responsibilities, take a trip to Leanne’s desk, have a laugh, and ask her for more tricks on how to get stuff done!


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