Mothers – The Missing Piece

Mothers – The Missing Piece

While binge-watching a little known 90s TV sitcom called Family Matters, I came across a scene that relates to what‚Äôs going on today. During one of the early episodes (episode 2 to be accurate), the Winslow‚Äôs are faced with a challenge: loss of income in a two-income family. Mrs. Winslow loses her job due to automation, and because she doesn‚Äôt have real work experience or a college degree, she isn‚Äôt qualified for many other jobs. Mrs. Winslow decides to apply for Head of Security at the building she used to work at and is told she doesn‚Äôt qualify because she doesn‚Äôt have management experience, and they need someone who is a leader, organizer, and a mediator. Mrs. Winslow, knowing what she‚Äôs capable of, tells the hiring manager that she can do the job.  She has years of experience on the needed skills because she‚Äôs a mother. (Click picture to watch episode)

This scene is a great example of how stay at home mothers are overlooked. Why are they overlooked? They have many transferable skills that others don’t, and they have a unique outlook on work in general. Let’s look at some reasons why hiring a mom maybe the best thing you do for your team and that open position.

They’re a Fresh set of Eyes

Moms have a very amazing outlook on life and situations. They are master creators and innovators; thus, they tend to have an out-of-the-box approach to various situations. Moms tend to think not only for themselves but for those around her, how actions and products may affect people, and of course if it’s functional and worth the effort. Moms don’t make rash decisions, instead, they look at all points before making a choice. They can bring stability and balance to work environments bogged down with uncertainty.

They’re Dependable

            Unlike many of us who only work 9-5 (or whatever your specific schedule is), once we leave work, we‚Äôre done. Once a mom leaves work, she goes to work her other full-time job: her family. You can‚Äôt call out from being a mom. Day in and day out, they have to be there for their families no matter what. This creates a work ethic like nothing else. The determination to complete projects, make or change processes and procedures, and stay organized, makes a mother dependable above all others, as they‚Äôll always put their best foot forward, and give 200%.

They can Manage Stress

            I think it‚Äôs safe to say that most moms can handle most stressors you throw at them. For a mother, nothing will ever be most stressful than a house full of kids, out of school, with the chickenpox. Having someone who can remain calm in the most stressful of situations, rather than someone who falls into the commotion, can lead your team to unparallel heights.

Motherhood is Teamwork

The one thing you should never be worried about is if a mother you’re interviewing or looking at can fall into the teamwork atmosphere. Moms have to collaborate and work in teams almost every day, whether figuring out carpooling, helping out kids get ready for school, school field trips, or even running PTA events. Teamwork is in the blood of mothers, and they do a great job of assessing not only their skills but the skills and talents of others and can bring the very best out in everyone around them.

Are you ready to explore a new talent pool that includes stay-at-home moms? Next time you’re hiring, don’t discount a candidate for being a mom, instead see if you can figure out what her specific talents and skills are and how they can contribute to your team and/or company.

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