Nellisa Lalgee: Kick-Ass Teammate and Kinetix Superhero

“I really feel that to be a kick-ass teammate you have to make things happen, not just for yourself, but for everyone you work with.”

And that’s exactly what Nellisa Lalgee, Executive Assistant to the CEO, does for our team every day at Kinetix HQ. Go ahead, ask anyone on our squad and they will tell you all about Nellisa’s crazy-creative problem-solving skills.

“At Kinetix, we have such a big team–and I really do think of us as a team because we all work so closely together. You can ask anyone for help, and you receive what you need–and if they can’t help you, they will go out of their way to find someone who can! I try to feed off of that energy and be a good teammate to the people who are always good teammates to me.”

We’ve got a pretty cool collaborative cycle going on here, and Nellisa never hesitates to do more than asked of her to keep everything running smoothly, even when unexpected priorities pop up.

“My day-to-day list is always different; I could be booking flights for people in the office, fine-tuning PowerPoint presentations, analyzing spreadsheets, or even managing the more straightforward tasks like restocking paper towels. It’s all about knowing what needs to come first, using your best judgment, and not being afraid to ask questions.”

What’s the best part about having such a dedicated person like Nellisa on the team?

She cares so much about helping the people around her, even if the task in question doesn’t fall directly in her wheelhouse.

“I always feel like part of my role is just standing in for any position that has not been defined yet. I will get very random requests sometimes–anything from first aid assistance, to technology troubleshooting. “

Nellisa really can do it all, and she does it with a sincere smile that makes everyone feel welcome and valued. But Nellisa claims that she can’t take all of the credit for our positive team vibes.

“We are lucky to be a part of a team that is diverse, smart, and accepting–we work together so well. We are always finding new ways to make things better, not just for ourselves but for the company as a whole. I feel like we have a team that really bleeds orange; one of the things I love about our life here is that apart from crushing the big goals, and doing our work every day, we still take time to be compassionate to one another, and that’s something I really try to emulate and keep up with.

It’s too easy to brush other people off and be nonchalant about someone else’s needs, but that extra effort and compassion that I see every day are the things that I really love about this team.”

We like to refer to Nellisa as our jack-of-all-trades and our official Kinetix superhero whenever she helps us out of a pinch, so when I asked Nellisa who she thought of when she pictured her own personal superhero, she responded:

“My mom is the strongest woman I know. When I was growing up my mother was so strict, and now that I’m older, I know a lot more, I’ve experienced life, and I’ve seen things. I can’t imagine what kind of person I would have turned out to be if my mom hadn’t raised me the way she did. My mother is one of those people who will go above and beyond in everything she does for others. My mom is my superhero.”

We’ve been so lucky to have such a kick-ass teammate like Nellisa at Kinetix for the past two years.

Here’s to her and the many, MANY fixes she will find for us in the future!

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