Post-COVID: Five Things Top Candidates Need to Hear from Your Company

Post-COVID: Five Things Top Candidates Need to Hear from Your Company



We’re closing in on the finish line to a virus-free world. We all know the pandemic has changed the way we do business, which means it changed the way we hire and recruit top talent, too. The fact of the matter is it just ain’t what it used to be.

Yes, we’re still living in a time of uncertainty, but the good thing is the cure to uncertainty is transparency.

So you narrowed your candidate list to the best of the best, what’s next? There are some key points that need to be communicated on your end. Yup, that’s right, open dialogue goes both ways! Your hiring managers need to weave your company’s 2020 highlights into the conversation.

Here’s 5 things your hiring manager should tell your top candidates while interviewing in 2021:

  1. How’s it going? No, no. How’s it REALLY going?!

Your candidates know you probably took some blows last year. Unless you’re Amazon, who didn’t? Even though we all have been through hell and back in 2020, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Candidates want to know that wounds are stitched up and that you’re on the rebound. Hiring managers need to exude confidence in how business is going and where they see it moving forward. They need to know that recovery is strong and the future is bright.

  1. Why are they here? There must be a reason.

Seems like a straightforward answer, but the bottom line is, now is a better time than ever to explain to your candidates the reason you’re seeking talent. More than that, they need to know why they are there and what purpose they can serve. Nobody wants to feel expendable and with the pandemic’s change in unemployment, you need to assure your candidate that their skills would be put to good use and make important contribution in the future of your business.

  1. What about the other peeps?

Candidates want to know how your company treated those who were impacted, which lets them know how they will be cared for and invested in. Let them know what they can look forward to and be honest. Your interviewees need a sense of comfort and security if they are hired. It is a “help me, help you” and they need to know they are getting what they give.

  1. Are you rolling with the punches? Time to face the changes.

Anyone can say that their company experiencing an upswing and changing the way they work in a post-COVID world, but you need evidence. Give them specifics and explain yourself! Your candidates want to know how business has changed, what you are doing to pivot, and how you’ll prepare for the future. Sprinkling in some good stats is a great start, but don’t forget to mention what’s being done differently this time around. They want to know what they could be walking into along with that assurance that a plan is in place and the company is re-evaluating their business strategy for the bumpy road ahead.

  1. How is work going to work? Is there a new work environment?

During the pandemic, professionals want to know that their employer can provide safety and flexibility. Tell your potential candidates how you are shifting how work is conducted. What measures are you taking to ensure their health? Do they have the option to work from home? If not, are you flexible in terms of hours or in-office attendance? Workflow changes are critical, and your candidates know that just as much as you do.

Being open with your candidates from the start is a win-win for everyone. Give them a first impression that shows you are open with your employees and have their wellbeing in mind. Make sure your hiring managers communicate this from the start. Stepping into a new position should be like driving on a newly paved road; no surprises or dangers ahead.

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