3 Best Types of Employer Branding Content That Drives Employee Retention

Employer branding is a double-edged sword—it’s a great initiative to attract the best talent for your teams, but also it’s the perfect strategy to help retain current employees you have right now. A stellar employer brand can also improve the corporate brand + identity to the outside world.

Sign us up, right?!

Let’s review what employer branding is before we dive into some strategy hacks:

“A brand is made up of intangibles – perceptions, feelings, and associations that exist in one’s state of mind. The ultimate goal of any branding effort is to create a loyal customer base. In the case of employer branding, that customer is the employee.

The term “employer brand” describes how an organization markets what it has to offer to potential and existing employees. It is not an advertisement or logo but rather the communication of an organization’s values and culture.” (source)

I literally could not have explained that better if I tried.

So what are ways you can tap into this powerful branding strategy to attract the talent you’ve always dreamed of, retain the superstars you already have, and make your brand (internally + externally) be so strong + recognizable people are flocking to you?

Content, fam.

Here are 3 no-brainer types of content to execute to kick your employer brand into high gear:


  1. Get your employees on camera ‚Äì I‚Äôm going to try to limit myself here as I could go on and on about video all day every day.  Video is serious. It‚Äôs the most engaging + converting type of content in marketing today. So what can you do? Start filming your current employees + capture their stories on camera. This has 2 primary benefits for you:
  • Your employees will feel special, noticed, and appreciated. They‚Äôll think, ‚ÄúWow! You want to film + show me off? I must be doing a great job and they notice that. I love how my employer is recognizing me as a good employee.‚Äù People love feeling like someone is proud of them. It‚Äôs an honoring feeling‚Äîso tap into that emotion.
  • Potential candidates + talent who is on the edge about applying will want to see these videos. They‚Äôll want to see the real people who work at your company and hear from the horse‚Äôs mouth what it‚Äôs like working there. They will notice you recognize your employees by putting them on video + showing them off, and that‚Äôs fun! Maybe this potential candidate will think they will get to be a part of this cool film project, too‚Ķ
  1. Capture stories on your blog- Another way to share your employee stories, cultural values, EVP, etc. is through written content on your company blog and/or careers site. An actionable item you can take with you today is making a list of standout employees in each department‚Äîpick 2 in each. Write a list of questions about their daily in the life, what they like about working at your company, how they got started, what they enjoy doing for fun, etc. and get to know these people. Interview them! And based on their answers, write a story piece or Q+A piece to post on the blog. Potential candidates who are seriously eyeing your company down will love to read these so they can soak up as much as they can about your company. And, again, your employees will feel recognized and appreciated. It‚Äôs a win-win.
  2. Share all the goods on social ‚Äì Here‚Äôs the final hoo-rah‚Äîshare all these great media on social! Permeate the social sphere in your industry with all the great content you have featuring your employees, what your company has to offer, and what it‚Äôs like working there. Can you think of any competitors who are doing this? Go stalk them out, and then do your own employer brand strategy + implementation even better. Not only can you share the videos + blogs on social, you can take it a step further by doing employee + culture spotlights on your social media accounts!

Here are some ideas:

  • Do a weekly ‚ÄúHumans of <company name>‚Äù series on Instagram. Take a picture of an employee, snag a quote from them, and post on Instagram + tag them. Use a hashtags #HumansOfCompanyName to brand the series
  • Live tweet while you‚Äôre at a company event, like your annual meeting event, a Christmas party, happy hour, etc.
  • Take advantage of Instagram stories + Instagram live. Document a day in the life of an employee or a behind-the-scenes look at the office culture

The opportunities to tap into all the great people + benefits your company offers + take advantage of them to grow your employer brand are endless. It just takes some ideation, planning, and implantation.

Take some of the above ideas and get to strategizing! Your employees + future employees will thank you.

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