6 Benefits of RPO Services & How To Choose a Provider

As an owner of a small business or a leadership team member of a large company, you have many things on your mind. You know that your top resource is people. And having adequate staffing with a great group of people is vital to the success of your business or company. But high-quality staffing processes are time-intensive.

Fortunately, there are resources — like recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. But what are RPO services, what are the benefits, and how to choose the best RPO service providers?

What are RPO services?


RPO services are also known as outsourced recruiting services. In general, RPO service providers offer RPO services as hiring resources for businesses and companies. 

While RPO service providers may sound similar to regular staffing agencies or firms, they differ. Instead of a temporary relationship, RPO providers strive toward a long-term working relationship with you.

What's more, their RPO services offer a strategic partnership with you to meet your multiple needs. So this means that RPO providers tend to have customizable services. And they may offer these custom services to meet your talent acquisition needs.

What are the benefits of RPO services?


You now know the answer to the question, what is RPO? But what are the benefits?

1. Access to Recruiting Technology Tools

Once you initiate project RPO, providers may grant you access to the best recruiting technology tools in the industry. For example, as part of your partnership, you have access to a database of candidates to quickly expand your talent pool network

There is also an assessment platform to evaluate candidates in various areas — like cognitive skills. You may use this evaluation tool to help make sure that candidates will be a great fit. You may also have a candidate comparison tool at your disposal that gives a breakdown of each candidate to help you make the best hiring decisions for your business or company. 

2. Cost Savings

A typical job opening usually stays vacant for over 42 days. This means you're losing an average of over $4,000, roughly $100 daily. 

But RPO and powerful recruiting technology tools will likely improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts and talent acquisition functions. So, your time to fill job openings will likely decrease, reducing your cost per hire. In short, RPO services may result in cost savings for you!

3. Expert Support

When you initiate project RPO, RPO service providers may match you with a talent acquisition team of dedicated RPO recruiters. RPO recruiters are specialized recruiters with expert knowledge about your job market. And you may leverage them across your entire enterprise. 

RPO recruiters may assist with the whole hiring process and beyond. And unlike recruiters from regular staffing agencies or firms, RPO recruiters will become an extension of your internal recruiting team, which may come with some of the following benefits.

  • Recruiting reset: RPO recruiters may closely work with your hiring managers to assess if something is broken in your internal hiring processes and hit the reset button — if necessary.
  • Flexible horsepower: RPO recruiters may also work with your hiring managers to determine recruiting function areas in which your internal recruiting team needs the most assistance. And RPO recruiters may increase their focus on these areas.
  • Fantastic candidate experience: RPO recruiters may help your internal recruiting team with pre-screening activities and the pre-hiring stage. They'll keep candidates engaged while ensuring that hiring processes are quick and efficient. In short, they'll ensure a professional and fantastic candidate experience.

4. Reduced Time to Hire

As previously mentioned, powerful recruiting technology tools may help reduce hiring time. But aside from these tools, you have another asset — your talent acquisition team of RPO recruiters. 

These RPO recruiters may help you develop and execute a proactive recruiting strategy to efficiently fill current job openings. RPO recruiters may also use this plan to proactively identify and attract talent for your future hiring needs. This is the best plan for recruiting spikes without assuming fixed costs.

All of this will typically translate into decreasing the time to fill current openings and reducing the time to hire in the future.

5. High-Quality Candidates

Your talent acquisition team of RPO recruiters will function as your quality control during the pre-screening process. With their great attention to detail, they'll ensure that you'll only review and interview high-quality candidates.

And once these candidates are your high-quality employees, RPO recruiters may suggest RPO services — like professional development — to help you decrease turnover rates and keep your employees as high-quality resources for your business or company.

6. Improved Employer Brand

Your talent acquisition team of expert RPO recruiters may help improve and promote your employer brand by appropriately using and maximizing various marketing tools, such as social media (e.g., LinkedIn). 

What's more, your RPO recruiters may help with managing job posting sites — like Indeed. Their assistance will prevent you from wasting or spending resources on boosting the wrong job openings.

How to Choose the Best RPO Service Providers


Since you're now more aware of the benefits of RPO services, you might be wondering how to choose the best RPO service provider. Here are some tips to help you with your decision. 

  • Know your specific hiring needs: When speaking with RPO service providers, be transparent about your specific hiring needs. Staffing agencies might be a better fit if you only need temporary hires. But if your internal recruiting team is balancing many things and drowning in numerous job openings, consider talking to an RPO service provider. An RPO service provider may help you fill new openings and a backlog of full-time roles. 
  • Do your research: If you decide to go with an RPO service provider, do your research. Depending on your industry, some RPO service providers might be a better fit than others. For example, if you're in the healthcare industry, you'll likely want to work with an RPO company with healthcare talent acquisition specialists. 
  • Be ready: Aside from having detailed knowledge about your hiring needs, a good understanding of your budget is also essential. Depending on your hiring project size and budget requirements, the best RPO service providers can offer custom RPO services. So, talk about customizable RPO services with your RPO service provider.

Work With Industry Leading RPO Service Providers

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So, what are RPO services? In short, RPO services are hiring resources for businesses and companies. While RPO services have many benefits, certain services might benefit you more than others.

So, talk to your RPO service provider about custom RPO services. The best RPO service providers may offer customizable RPO services to you. Moreover, they'll match you with a talent acquisition team of specialized RPO recruiters. 

If you choose an RPO provider, consider customizable RPO services with Kinetix. With custom RPO services, Kinetix may quickly adapt to your needs by doing more heavy lifting to help you scale up or take a step back at your request. Let's have a conversation.

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