A Recruiter’s Response to Remote Life

Suffice to say, we didn’t imagine the world we find ourselves currently in. But because we’re Kinetix and we know quality, we were able to roll with the punches by keeping our recruiters remote and healthy.

I recently connected with Grant Peacock (one of our Recruiting Managers who can only be described as someone who truly Bleeds Orange) to discuss how he’s been acclimating to the change.

How does it make you feel that Kinetix was able to react to the COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC?

Kinetix has done their absolute best to be a proactive as possible in these reactive times and in response to CDC guidelines. Like all companies, our leadership team at Kinetix is having to react as thoughtfully as they can to our current environment. Our priority is keeping our staff and employees safe, and Kinetix has done a phenomenal job with following these guidelines.

How has the changes in the last few weeks affected your work style?

 I actually have not had any real disruption to my work day since our entire Kinetix squad is already used to working remotely; however, I am an extrovert and a high-people individual. So naturally, it‚Äôs tough not being able to turn my desk chair around to an immediate smiling Recruiter or colleague‚Äôs face. Video-conferencing and video platforms have created a lot of ease for me as a Recruiting Coach and being able to help my team at a moment‚Äôs notice.

How about work-life balance? How has that changed?

If anything, this COVID-19 situation has made my work/life balance better. I can help cook meals at a decent time without having to add recovery time from being in traffic. During the work day, I have an almost 2-year-old daughter constantly running around on adventures throughout our home. So being able to hear pitter-patter footsteps throughout the day, having lunch with her and my wife, and jumping in to help change a diaper or get a quick power hug has been an absolute delight.   

What tips do you have for other recruiters who are working remotely?

Have a plan and priorities for your day (but be flexible), leave each day with a plan for tomorrow, add buffer times and breaks in your days, be patient, be kind and empathetic to all (clients/candidates/coworkers), and stay positive!

Do you have any positive messages to share?

We will get through this. I know there will be several more rough days ahead of us still, but we must keep our heads high, stay positive, and focus on things we can control. We got this!

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