Boost Your Employer Brand This Black Friday

At Precisely 8pm on Thanksgiving Thursday, Americans all over the country lose their napkin bibs, slide out of their 5-course comas, and trade their silverware for shopping bags. That’s right folks – ready or not, Black Friday is coming.

If you are like me you will do pretty much anything to avoid the hassle of physical shopping trips on this dark day – I prefer the couch and my computer to any mall.

And guess what? LOTS of potential candidates do too. In fact, online sales hit a record high last Black Friday, while stores’ attendances staggered.

So what does this all mean?

Well, for starters, you should probably do a quick evaluation of your virtual employer brand. After the online sales frenzy dies down, talent will be laying low, scouring the web and even checking out potential new positions with organizations.

Don’t panic if your employer brand looks less than buzz-worthy online – use these Black Friday recruitment marketing tips to make your organization’s open jobs the must-have items of the season:

I. Get Your Theme On – Because what’s more fun than seasonal-themed content?! If you need ideas, try a warm employee outreach article or a fun holiday hiring success story. These tales will feed into that festive feeling and get talent excited to peruse your open positions!

II. Run A Seasonal Series – Social media and content campaigns are a great way to boost your brand and gain fans for your organization. Leadership quotes, career tips, and employee spotlights are all GOLD to talent checking you out on the web.

III. Sell Your Roles With Social – This is key if you’ve got a priority role to fill or want to promote your ATS to new talent. Write an engaging social post copy including the job title and a creative tagline to grab talent’s attention – then close the deal with a clear call to action. These job posts will be a nice break from Black Friday shopping horror stories crowding candidates’ news feeds.

Don’t let your employer brand go dark on Black Friday – instead, take advantage of the fact that no one has to wait in line to shop your open opportunities!

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