Cash, Culture, and Video!

The Kinetix marketing team has made some pretty significant investments lately in our video gear. Accounting told us we couldn’t say how much, but let’s just say there are five digits up in there.

Why? Because video is the new frontier when it comes to killer recruitment marketing content,  and we want to be the fearless conquerors of this limitless medium. So, what did that hefty chunk of change get us?

We’re so glad you asked…

  • We scored three Mac Pro 6 Core Processors‚Äìboth speedy and stylish.
  • QNAP Thunderbolt 3 NAS ‚Äì TVS-1582TU that processes at 40 GB/second. I wouldn‚Äôt want to race that powerhouse.
  • And while it‚Äôs hard to get excited about wire, we snagged three Thunderbolt 3 cables to keep all of this top-notch gear connected.


You don’t have to be technically inclined to gather that this is some cool stuff. Our team now operates at the same speed caliber as your local network news van–times three.

Which brings me to my next point–this isn’t just an investment in our video chops… this is an investment in our people. Think about all of the creative doors we just opened by getting our peeps some of the coolest video swag on the market!

These are a few of the reasons behind this investment in our people and why you should put some capital behind yours too:

Productivity. This is an obvious one. The faster the equipment, the easier it is to complete projects. Guess what else this new technology allows for? More productive collaboration between team members. They can tackle projects in strides and jump in where their skills are needed at a fraction of the time it took before–what a way to beat burnout!

Culture Boost. As if you didn’t know this – people are your company’s biggest asset in this job market, so make it known that you care enough to back their work and their skills by providing the tools needed to get down to business. Is there a key process that could be made less painful with a little upgrade? Make it happen! By doing this you’re not only showing that you care about your team’s work, but also that you are listening to their needs.

Remember that Bruno Mars song “When I Was Your Man?” Ya, that’s the metaphoric anthem for organizations that don’t show their employees what they are truly worth.

Only the Best. It’s basic high school politics. The best want to run with the best. At Kinetix, we like to use our cool reputation and impressive skills to attract new talent to join our cause. You know what else strong candidates are looking for in their job hunts? Fancy toys–and we just secured our spot as the FAO Schwarz of the recruitment marketing realm with this investment. By supplying these innovative tools, we are letting top video editing talent know just how seriously we value their crucial skills.

We’ve got the power, and we are psyched to use it. With these tools, our team is ready to produce loads of high-quality employer branded video content that we can take pride in.

We have just one question for you…are you ready for your close up?

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