Cutting Through The Noise: How To Run A Successful Talent Community Campaign

In today’s world of constant information overload, noise, and clutter it can be difficult to attract and retain the attention of those you’re trying to reach. Candidates nowadays are bombarded with emails, targeted ads, and phone calls from all different kinds of sources trying to grab their focus. Even with a talent community full of candidates who have opted in to receive a company’s message, it can be difficult to engage and turn those passive candidates into active job-seekers.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to despair or abandon all hope when it comes to running campaigns to your talent communities. There are still many ways to engage and get candidates interested in your employer brand. Let’s take a look at some email and targeted ad best practices that you can use to break through all the noise and reach quality candidates.

Sweat The Details

When you’re putting together a new campaign, it’s important to get down and dirty with the details. Whether it’s an email or a targeted ad on a social media platform, taking the time to iron out things like the subject line, call to action, target audience, etc. can make or break the success of your efforts. Take a look through your data and build a report that identifies all the factors around the campaigns that received the best engagement. Apply those lessons to future campaigns and be you’ll able to create engaging campaigns that capture your audience’s attention.

Content Is Key

Selecting the right kind of content to send to candidates is crucial when creating a successful campaign. Whether the messages come from your marketing department or are pulled from industry sources by your recruiting team, it’s imperative to share quality content that makes your brand credible. Utilizing videos, blog posts, or Q&A’s to include in your campaign will go a long way in helping attract attention to your company. Ditch the same canned message your competitors are sending out and deliver killer content.

Be Different

Don’t be afraid to be bold or different in what you’re presenting to candidates. Try something with creative with a video or engaging written piece if your current content isn’t making the cut. Being able to pivot and change course is essential to creating successful campaigns that have the intended effect towards your audience.

In this era of noise and clutter, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. But, by following the tips outlined above you can work to create successful campaigns to your talent communities that cut through all that and attract and retain quality candidates. For even more tips and advice, give us a shout sometime.

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