Grow Your Employer Brand With Pinterest: Part 1- The Visuals

5-star vacations, engagement rings, styled outfits, delicious recipes, how-to advice‚Ķ what do all these have in common? They‚Äôre all over Pinterest posted as images that evoke emotion and get people to do something.

Pinterest is a social media site, yes, but it‚Äôs growing more as a search engine than your basic social site. Pinterest is powerful.

If you’re already developing your employer brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, good for you! Now get on Pinterest.

Pinterest isn‚Äôt just for the topics listed in the first line‚Äìit‚Äôs a search engine that is perfect for all niches and all brands. Believe it  or not, pumpkin spiced lattes being held by a perfectly manicured hand laced with a 5 carat diamond ring is not a requirement. This series is going to teach you exactly how to develop + grow your employer brand with Pinterest while attracting the best talent along the way.

PART 1: So how can you start growing your brand on Pinterest? First, visuals.

Not only is Pinterest an incredible searching tool, but it‚Äôs also highly visual. This means you have to take your written content and turn it into an eye-catching image that relates to your audience. Pro Tip: The best images evoke some type of idea, feeling, or emotion that causes your audience to feel inspired and/or act on what you‚Äôre wanting them to do. Keep this in mind when picking out your images.

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Image Size

To make sure your images look good on Pinterest, follow their sizing guidelines.
The current size for a standard pin is 735px x 1102px–however, since the majority of quality pins are vertical, you can make the height dimension any size you’d like. So, 735 x any height is a good rule of thumb if you want longer pins.

How To Make Pinterest Images – aka – “Pins”

If you know how to use photoshop, by all means, go and design your own pins. If you aren’t comfortable with designing your own pins, you can use a free tool called Canva to easily drag and drop to create the perfect pin.

Canva also has pre-sized templates for Pinterest and other social posts, so just upload your original photos (or use their free ones!) to create your personalized design!

That’s it for Part 1–go out and make some cool visuals, save them, and come back to take it a step further next week.


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