Grow Your Employer Brand With Pinterest: Part 2 – Brand Boards

5-star vacations, engagement rings, styled outfits, delicious recipes, how-to advice‚Ķ what do all these have in common? They‚Äôre all over Pinterest posted as images that evoke emotion and get people to do something.

Pinterest is a social media site, yes, but it‚Äôs growing more as a search engine than your basic social site. Pinterest is powerful.

If you’re already developing your employer brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, good for you! Now get on Pinterest.

Pinterest isn‚Äôt just for the topics listed in the first line‚Äìit‚Äôs a search engine that is perfect for all niches and all brands. Believe it  or not, pumpkin spiced lattes being held by a perfectly manicured hand laced with a 5 carat diamond ring is not a requirement. This series is going to teach you exactly how to develop + grow your employer brand with Pinterest while attracting the best talent along the way.


PART 2: Brand Boards

Once you get all of your “pins” designed, you’re ready to start posting them on your Pinterest.

You can create Pinterest Boards to house pins of a specific topic. Think of these boards as “categories.” It’s super important to create different boards with descriptive titles + descriptions, so your followers will know exactly what type of content they’ll see.

Here are some board ideas to help boost your employment brand:

  • Behind The Scenes at Company Name
  • Office Events
  • Industry Tips (ex: Recruiting Tips | Interview Advice | Resume Tips)
  • Blog topics (ex: Recruitment Marketing | Employment Branding | Onboarding )
  • Resources (ex: Whitepapers | Case Studies | Webinars)
  • Think of things your audience would appreciate. Example: for a recruiting firm, think : (Interview Outfits For Women | Interview Outfits For Men)

If you have any downloadable resources, blog content, video, media, or any consumable content on your company blog/website, add it on Pinterest in the appropriate board! Think of your Pinterest page as a valuable resource for clients to gain information and form a relationship with your brand.

FUN FACT: According to Buffer: ‚ÄúMore adults use Pinterest than they do Twitter.‚Äù 

Need further help in branding your Pinterest boards? Check this resource out!

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