Is Instagram Stories or Snapchat Better for Employer Branding?

The battle between major social media giants Instagram and Snapchat continues to thicken now that Instagram has launched Instagram Stories… a successful launch at that.

You should know that you should be using social media for recruiting, and we highly recommend building an Instagram account to showcase your employees, company, culture, and life within the 4 walls. Candidates love to scope out the behind-the-scenes action before applying, and Instagram is the perfect place to serve it to them. On the same note, you’ve probably read about creating a Snapchat account to share daily “in the moment” video and image posts to foster that relationship.

Now that Instagram has launched Instagram Stories, which one is better to use? Does it make sense to use both Snapchat and Instagram Stories? Or should we all just stick to one? Let’s compare:

Instagram Stats:

Instagram has 600 Million Active Monthly Users + 300 million active daily users

Number of Instagram Likes per day: 4.2 billion

Instagram Stories has hit 200 million daily active users

Snapchat Stats:

Snapchat has 300 Million Active Monthly Users + 161 million that Snapchat announced alongside its IPO

Number of Snaps Created Everyday (Photos & Videos): 1 million

More than 400 million Snapchat stories are created per day.
You can see that Instagram is getting faster and faster at cloning Snapchat’s features as we recap the timeline: (source)

  • Stories: Snapchat ‚Äì October 2013, Instagram ‚Äì August 2016, Lag ‚Äì 2 years 10 months
  • Location Filters: Snapchat ‚Äì July 2014, Instagram ‚Äì March 2016, Lag ‚Äì 1 year 9 months
  • AR Stickers: Snapchat ‚Äì April 2016, Instagram ‚Äì April 2017, Lag ‚Äì 1 year
  • Create-Your-Own-Stickers: Snapchat ‚Äì December 2016, Instagram ‚Äì April 2017, Lag ‚Äì 4 months

After looking at the data, Instagram is here to stay, and it’s only going to become more powerful. The audience is there and it’s active. If you’re trying to decide whether to use Instagram Stories or Snapchat as a mean of recruitment marketing, our vote is Instagram Stories.

Instead of having to switch between apps, you can nurture your audience all in one place on Instagram. Share all the behind-the-scenes goodness that happens at your company on Instagram Stories and you’ll be a step ahead in the game!

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