Our TalentDNA Assessment for the Remote Worker

What’s TalentDNA, you ask?

Yes, it‚Äôs a talent assessment‚Ķ but it‚Äôs different from the others, it really is. Talent DNA is a system powered by our friends at BestWork DATA. The process is very similar to other talent assessments, but it gives thorough and in-depth results. Better than other assessments give‚Äîa win for candidates/employees and a win for you. That‚Äôs because what you end up with is more than a general category, you get a set of data points about your candidate in a multitude of categories that can be analyzed deeper to tell you more.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies have been forced to managing a remote workforce faster than expected. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was business as usual. In the office, you were an effective Leader. You knew how to engage your team. You were AWESOME!   

Now, everything has changed, and we all need a crash course in leading remote work teams.  The ways you kept your team engaged before no longer work. Additionally, we all have challenges with ‚Äúbackground noise‚Äù throughout the day (spouse, kids, pets.) 

Welcome to Business ‚ÄúNot as Usual‚Äù . . . 

What do you do? First, call a timeout. Take a breath.  

Second, let Kinetix help assess your skills as part of a remote workforce.  Our TalentDNA assessment now offers insights into working on and leading a remote team to help you be AWESOME again right from your home office.  We are offering three new reports specific to a remote workforce: 

  • Remote Working for You 
  • Manage Me Remotely 
  • Your Remote Managing Coach 

With the reports, Kinetix has experts that can meet with you (virtually, of course) and coach you through this time of Business ‚ÄúNot as Usual.‚Äù Together, we can get through this.  

And you want to know the best part? It‚Äôs free! No charge at all. Just a helping hand from Kinetix during a difficult time. So contact us today at https://kinetixhr.com/contact-us/ for more information.

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