Shift Your Brand into Drive with a Talent Community

Ever wonder how you can help your organization or brand attract bigger, better talent? Look no further than a talent community – your one-stop shop to solving world hunger, Okay, that’s dramatic, BUT it will help your brand reach a larger pool of candidates out in the market.

Can you say recruitment #WIN?

Today we are breaking barriers and sharing with you the importance of your future talent community:

Drives traffic to your Careers Site.

How does a talent community work? It allows active and passive candidates who are interested in an employer brand to engage and continually get updates from the brand.

This interest a talent community creates and emphasizes allows you to utilize the campaigns to drive jobs, EVP themes (Employee Value Propositions), and even the same content that is being pumped out on social directly to their inboxes EVERY MONTH.

Drives brand awareness.

A talent community allows candidates to get an inside look into the world of a brand, a culture, and specific positions certain candidates are interested in. The long-term benefit here is that this individualized content makes YOUR brand stand out.

Drives candidate engagement and applies via mobile.

“According to Glassdoor 89% of job seekers say their mobile device is an important tool for job searching and 45% use it to search for jobs BUT PageUp research reveals only 16% submit via mobile.”

What does this mean? A talent community has the ability to reach that audience, capture them while they are searching via mobile, and convince them to apply later on.

You might be thinking: “Okay, what happens after the candidates sign up?”

We are so glad you asked! They will get a monthly email, and in this email, there are THREE major components that make up the talent community that help drive the things above.

  1. Hot jobs‚Äì Those hard to fill roles are right at the top of their inbox in your talent community. By doing so you can engage the passive candidates in your talent community to reach and entice a different candidate pool every month, especially if yours is drying up.
  2. Featured content for each EVP theme or department‚Äì Based on hot jobs or just your overall recruiting focuses, you can use the latest and hottest trending content to be featured for all talent community members to access.
  3. An ‚ÄúApply Now‚Äù button ‚Äì DUH‚Äì Remember how only 16% of candidates submit via mobile? Well, adding an ‚ÄúApply Now‚Äù button will increase your chances of these candidates in the talent community applying, which in turn make you and your hiring leaders very, very happy.

If you need help creating your own talent community, reach out to our team to start the conversation on how we can help you, help your employer brand.

Happy hunting.

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