The Breakdown: What Your Brand Colors Really Mean

Last week we went over how the colors you choose to use to represent your brand make an impact to your potential customers. This week we’re diving we’re breaking down what each color represents psychologically, so you can understand the subconscious messages you’re sending.

Before we get into that, here’s last week’s trivia question and answer!

Trivia Question: Ever wonder why you feel a little hungry or your mouth starts to water when you see the McDonald’s logo?

Answer: According to studies of color theory, red and yellow subconsciously trigger hunger and/or excitement. It’s also said these colors encourage customers to spend more… hmmm. Interesting, right? Read more about it here and here.

Moving on to the color breakdown

Here is a color chart that describes what the different color means. This is very general—keep in mind how rich the color is will also have an affect on perception. EX: a fully saturated red can send a different signal than a pastel red.


Next time you’re choosing colors, you can reference the chart below and choose colors that will create the desired behavior and perception you’re hoping to achieve while growing your brand! To dig deeper into the science and psychology of color, read this… interesting stuff!

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