The Social Attraction Is Real [Free Download!]

Fact 1: Recruiters are actively looking for job candidates on social media.

Fact 2: Candidates are also actively looking at companies + recruiters on social media.

Fact 3: Employment branding can make or break the close on a candidate.

Social media is hands down one of the most influential tools to grab people‚Äôs attention,  entice them, and (hopefully) keep them coming back for more. There are influencers everywhere‚Ķ whether it be corporations, brands, local shops, athletes, bloggers, celebrities, etc. Though their day-to-day jobs may be different, they ultimately have the same mission: to entice you to keep coming back to their page or their website for more and to sell you so much on their brand/product that you just have to buy in.

Start treating your employer brand the same way, because the social attraction is real. 

Social media is where you can create, define, and refine your brand’s social reputation. It’s where you’re truly able to enabled to use you own employees as brand advocates. It’s where you start conversations in the talent community. It where you can connect and engage with job seekers while giving insight into your corporate culture. It’s where job seekers will cast their judgments upon you and decide if you’re the kind of place they want to dedicate their time and talents to.

So what say you? 

Before you go full monty on a full social employment branding strategy, download this free resource for designing your social post images. It’s important when you are creating and planning your posts that you follow posting dimensions and guidelines set by each social platform. Follow these measurements as you move forward with quality post creation to make sure your brand and voice will reach the best talent:

Social Media Size Guide 2017

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