7 Benefits of Working with RPO Consultants

7 Benefits of Working with RPO Consultants

People are essential to your core business — whether you're an owner of a small business or a leadership team member of a large company. Although the hiring process takes priority, it tends to be resource intensive. Meanwhile, you're balancing a lengthy to-do list, and your internal recruitment team is juggling many different tasks. 

Thankfully, there are solutions — like recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) consulting services. This post will discuss the benefits of working with RPO consultants.

1. Cost Savings


You may already have an internal recruitment team to handle the talent acquisition process, but the hiring process is typically resource intensive. And with numerous responsibilities, your internal recruitment team might be spread a little thin to develop effective recruitment strategies. Therefore, they might overspend on marketing efforts for job openings and have a poor return on investment (ROI).

To prevent this, consider recruitment process outsourcing companies (RPO). When you initiate an RPO for a project, these RPO companies will match you with an RPO team of consultants. These RPO consultants will become an extension of your internal recruitment team to come up with proactive recruitment strategies that may improve your marketing efficiency and save you on costs. 

2. Employer Branding


As previously mentioned, RPO consulting companies may match you with dedicated RPO consultants. These consultants are recruiters with specialized job market insights. 

This means they're knowledgeable about what quality candidates value from potential employers. By tapping into this, they may help improve employer branding. This might be especially helpful when there's a particular talent shortage — like nurses in the healthcare industry.

Your RPO consultants may also assist you with appropriately using and maximizing various marketing tools — like social media (e.g., LinkedIn, etc.) — to promote your new employer brand.

3. Large Talent Network

RPO consultants have a lot of RPO services to offer. Aside from their extensive network, they also come with a database of candidates. As part of project RPO, you may have access to this database to quickly expand your talent pool. 

4. Quality Control


Specialized recruiters from the best RPO consultancy firms are detail-oriented when providing recruitment services. So, these RPO recruiters are great at acting as your quality control . This means that they'll ensure candidates meet your job descriptions and have specific skills during pre-screening activities . This way, you’ll only interview high-quality candidates.

5. Access to Recruitment Technologies

The best RPO consultancy companies also come with great recruiting technology tools. And your RPO consultants will walk you through these automation tools to help you maximize their usefulness. For example, your RPO consultants may give you access to an assessment platform that evaluates candidates in various areas — like cognitive skills. Afterward, you may use the information from this assessment to ensure that candidates will be a great fit. 

After interviews, you may also have access to a candidate comparison tool that summarizes each candidate. This tool makes it easy for you to prioritize what's most important to you when it comes to hiring quality candidates, meaning you can feel confident about your hiring decisions. 

The best RPO consultancy firms will also offer some insightful reports to help you with recruiting decisions. From these reports, you may evaluate the cost, efficiency, and quality of the hiring process. When you initially look at these reports, you'll likely have a keen understanding of some reports — but have less familiarity with a few other ones. Don't worry; your RPO consultants will show you how to run, access, and interpret these reports. 

6. Fantastic Candidate Experience


Instead of just short-term assistance with pre-screening activities, your RPO team can be a long-term RPO solution for your entire hiring process. In addition, your RPO consultants will make sure that the whole process is quick and efficient to prevent quality candidates from losing interest. 

Your RPO consultants will also keep candidates engaged and limit large communication gaps between the numerous pre-employment activities, such as background checks and drug screenings. All of this will ensure a fantastic candidate experience and reduce "fall-off." Fall-off is the rate of losing candidates.

7. Low Turnover Rates


RPO consultants may also help you with what comes after the entire hiring process. Once quality candidates become your employees, your consultants may suggest some RPO consulting services that focus on leadership, career, and team development. What’s more, your RPO consultants may assist you with managing talent — by ensuring a great working environment. All of this will likely improve employee retention rates.

Work With the Best RPO Firm

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The hiring process can be resource-intensive. But the best RPO consultancy firms — like Kinetix — can match you with RPO consultants to address your talent acquisition needs. 

Specialized RPO consultants have a lot to offer, such as improving employer brand, reducing costs, and decreasing employee turnover rates. Kinetix RPO consultants may also help you with talent management, but they’re willing to adapt to you. And they’ll strive to be your long-term RPO partner and customize a flexible RPO solution for you.

Want to know more? Let’s have a conversation.

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