Focusing on What You Can Control During COVID-19

Everyone at Kinetix knows Charisse. She’s exuberant, kind, and an awesome Talent Acquisition Manager.

Here is Charisse Pre-COVID-19 lock down

A few days ago, I sent her a message to get her take on what was happening to the company and the world at large as the pandemic continues to sweep through the country.

“COVID-19 has more impacted my overall mood than anything else,” she shared.

As for work, my workload has lessoned, but it’s giving me time to focus on one client and be able to meet my professional and personal goals. Not driving to work gives me more time to think, do pleasure reading, and just slow down some, as I have a tumultuous work commute–about 3 hours a day.

But as Charisse pointed out, there is a huge emotional toll that’s affected every single person in the country. For her, it’s also incredibly personal.

I have family living in New York, the Coronavirus epicenter, so honestly, I’ve been feeling somber as I listen for updates and check in with family daily. I have a family friend who tested positive for COVID and many aunts who are nurses and out on the front lines.

As a writer, employee, and colleague, I’ve been trying to reconcile my work life with my real life and the surreal circumstances we’re currently in. I’ve yet to come up with a good way to keep my head securely on my shoulders, but almost as if she read my mind, Charisse continued.

‚ÄúI think the best tip I can offer my fellow coworkers would be to breathe and focus on what we can control.  Also to laugh and make jokes because laughter is the best indication of things getting better!‚Äù

So I’m taking a leaf from Charisse’s playbook.

I’m focusing on what I can control by using my Kinetix platform to share resources. If you, like Charisse’s family and countless others, are located in New York, here is resource you can use to both give and receive help.

If you’re like me and located in Atlanta with Kinetix HQ, here is a comprehensive list of local restaurants that are offering takeout and delivery. (Local restaurants are taking a major toll during this time, and every little bit helps.)

And for the rest of the country, here is an invaluable resource to help support our medical community. The people who are there on the frontlines, valiantly giving help during one of the most unusual times in American history. Project C.U.R.E. is donating masks, gloves, PPEs, and other medical supplies to hospitals and first responders.

Donating what I can and spreading awareness is something I can control.

Now I’ll take a breath and go from there.

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