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Don’t Be a Stranger: How To Engage Remote Employees


As more and more companies are moving to a flexible work environment that allows employees to work remotely from home, it‚Äôs become imperative for us to begin to think about how to best engage our remote workforce. Here at Kinetix, we‚Äôve experienced[…]

Finding Candidates with Facebook’s Ad Targeting

I have to admit, when I first dipped my toes into the recruitment marketing space, I was unsure of how my employee value prop would be put to good use. At the time I was an entry-level marketing employee with something not many others on that level have:[…]

The Breakdown: What Your Brand Colors Really Mean


Last week we went over how the colors you choose to use to represent your brand make an impact to your potential customers. This week we‚Äôre diving we‚Äôre breaking down what each color represents psychologically, so you can understand the subconscious[…]

Slacking Off in the Workplace


Let‚Äôs face it. Staying connected in the workplace is a struggle. Email is slowly falling by the wayside as more and more millennials enter the workforce having been raised on instant forms of communication. It‚Äôs bulky and cumbersome and often times[…]