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How to Thrive and Survive an Open Office


There‚Äôs something about the absence of walls and barriers that makes me intrinsically happy. Having the ability to talk, brainstorm, and joke with coworkers helps me connect with my team, while also getting my work done. Walls only make things more[…]

Getting the Right People in the Right Seats


I used to work for a company that practiced the Entrepreneurial Operating System, based on Gino Wickman‚Äôs book Traction. I‚Äôm a fan. There are actually a lot of concepts from this system I‚Äôve brought here to Kinetix. There are two ideas in this book[…]

Time to Ramp It Up Recruiters


“The biggest problem facing job-seekers today is the abysmal state of the recruiting process in many or most medium-sized and large employers.

The Academy Award for Employee Recognition Goes To…


If you are like most of America, you tuned in last night to watch The Oscars. If you are particularly daring, you probably made it all the way until the end to watch one of the most awkward recognition moments in Academy Award history as it was happening.

Even Daenerys Needs a Job


As a recruiter, let’s face it, sometimes you don’t have the easiest of jobs. What’s even harder is when you have to not only advocate for yourself, but your client and talent equally.

Recruiting Is All About AI These Days…But What About VR?

While the recruiting world continues to freak out over how AI will affect the hiring process, there are two other letters synonymous with another new technology that‚Äôs creeping up in the world that many have yet to pay attention to: VR, or virtual[…]

Declassified WFH Survival Guide


Odds are if you‚Äôre working, you‚Äôre working from home. (Except for those angels working on the front-line.) Most of us have transitioned to being at home 24/7. While that sounds great for some people (such as introverts or those who like working in[…]